‘Simple Forms, Complex Geometry’ -
The Design Philosophy

When crafting a product, distinguishing between essential details and unnecessary clutter is crucial to creating an experience that truly enhances the consumer journey. While Sharad’s design philosophy may seem straightforward, it’s far from it. His approach blends organic minimalism with subtle expressions, seamlessly merging global sensibilities with the vibrancy of Indian culture. Drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources, from movies to nature to everyday objects, Sharad has a talent for infusing his unique touch into everything he creates, adding just the right amount of twist to make it his own.

Elante Washing Machine

A market differentiator semi automatic washing machine design for Lloyd, A Havells Brand

An innovative and clutter breaking hand blender designed for Havells India

Classique Blender

A unique hand blender driven by user ergonomics designed for Havells India

Candy Mixer

A unique mixer, pushing forward design innovation, designed for Faber

Inox Ceiling Fan

Designed for Havells India, taking inspiration from the fluidity of flowing air.

Inox Ceiling Fan

Pebble Remote

A remote employing design thinking and user research, designed for Havells India

Vertus AV

A project exploring different materials & finishes and how they come together.

Elante XL

A semi automatic washing machine design for Lloyd , A Havells Brand


A fleet of autonomous delivery robots designed for

Atom Plug

An everyday essential reimagining user interactions & ergonomics

Florette Fan

A premium ceiling fan with under light, designed for Havells India


A track-light designed keeping in mind the philosophy - form follows function

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